Listen Philips Electronics says it’s preparing to mass-produce a slim, book-sized display panel onto which consumers could download newspapers and magazines — then roll up and put away. The 5-inch display, which can show detailed images, can be rolled up into a pen-sized holder.

Listen At Rice University, researchers are developing an artificial intelligence system that analyzes news stories and identifies patterns of events that lead to armed conflict or all-out war. The idea is that computers can examine thousands of times more information than humans, and might do a better job at modeling future conflict. The project, funded Read more

Listen Howard Dean has made news for the innovative ways he’s used the Internet to campaign, organize and raise money. But technology issues like spam, file swapping, encryption, and digital privacy have been discussed very little so far this campaign season. Declan McCullagh, chief political correspondent for CNET’s, says one issue that could emerge Read more

Listen You’ve probably run across so-called “rich media” advertisements while reading news Web sites like the Washington Post, MSNBC or Wired. Animated ads for tablet computers, electric razors and insurance float directly on top of the article you want to read, forcing you to close the ad or wait for it to end. It’s nothing Read more

Listen The CueCat, an infamous gadget, is being reincarnated. The heavily promoted mouse-like bar code scanner was supposed to revolutionize the way we shop by connecting us to information about consumer goods, giving us prices, coupons, reviews and more. But the device had to be connected to your PC, which severely limited its utility. After Read more