Real Audio | How to Listen Researchers at Iowa State University are developing a Pentagon-funded computer lab that simulates computer warfare. The aim is to develop better defenses against hackers, viruses and worms, and denial of service attacks. The simulator is called ISEAGE, short for Internet Simulation Event and Attack Generation Environment. Doug Jacobson, Iowa Read more

Real Audio | How to Listen Podcasts will soon become the programming of choice on a San Francisco radio station and a new channel on Sirius Satellite Radio. Podcasts are radio shows that users download to their MP3 players. You can think of them as the audio equivalent of Weblogs. Many mainstream broadcasters are beginning Read more

Real Audio | How to Listen Your telephone would become a voting booth under a system developed by Twin Cities startup company PhonElect. Founder and CEO Patrick Tittle, who designed Minnesota’s electronic tax and payment system, says his patented invention is a solution to long lines, hanging chads, insecure electronic voting machines and low turnout. Read more