The rise of citizen media

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Podcasts will soon become the programming of choice on a San Francisco radio station and a new channel on Sirius Satellite Radio.

Podcasts are radio shows that users download to their MP3 players. You can think of them as the audio equivalent of Weblogs. Many mainstream broadcasters are beginning to turn their programs into podcasts, but the vast majority come from non-professionals who are dabbling in radio for the first time.

Now, Infinity Broadcasting will fill the air with citizen-produced podcasts at an AM station in San Francisco. Podcasting pioneer Adam Curry, who you may remember as an MTV vee-jay, will host a satellite radio show made up of podcasts. Then there’s Al Gore’s Current.TV channel, which consists of citizen-produced video.

Jeff Jarvis, who blogs about new media at BuzzMachine, says it’s about time big media started listening to its audience.

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