Rocketboom returns to Earth

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In the world of video blogging, you can’t get any bigger than Amanda Congdon. For the past 18 months, She has been the anchor for the hugely popular video blog Rocketboom. Her perfect skin and over-the-top, cheerful, 3-minute daily round-up of current events and quirky web findings propelled Rocketboom to the top of the vlog world. This week, the site finds out if there’s such a thing as Rocketboom without Congdon. She left the site because of differences with creative partner Andrew Baron.

BusinessWeek Internet editor Heather Green, one of the first to recognize Rocketboom’s rising star says Congdon’s departure is evidence of video blogging’s shallow roots.

Minnesota stories video blogger Chuck Olson, however, says there’s nothing more to the breakup than two creative people who can’t get along in a high pressure environment. Olson is the Minneapolis correspondent for Rocketboom and a friend of both Congdon and Baron.

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