Obama to push for universal broadband?


JonTaplin.jpgToday we feature an interview with Jonathan Taplin of the USC Annenberg School for Communication, who recently analyzed the tech policy platforms of the presidential candidates. We talked about President-elect Barack Obama’s positions on broadband, net neutrality, and electronic privacy.

One Response to “Obama to push for universal broadband?”

  1. fdeblauwe says:

    Reading about the Obama team’s relationship with the “net roots” and his broadband advocacy, I decided to plot broadband penetration against Obama vote % and Obama % – McCain %. I did this with state data. Some correlation seems likely and the outliers make sense. See my Word face-Off blog. Seems to me that for electoral purposes alone, he should make broadband a priority. Of course, he sees it as an integral part of our economic infrastructure, an area where we are running behind much of the developed world.