Apple changes its mind on security


Apple this week took down from its Web site a technical bulletin that advised Mac owners to run anti-virus software. Apple’s move came after the Washington Post took note of the document, which apparently had been up since the middle of last year.

Apple has made the built-in safety of its computers a selling point, but some security experts have been warning Mac users against complacency, saying the number of security threats is rising.

In revoking its advice on anti-virus software Apple’s chose marketing over security, according to Future Tense news analyst Dwight Silverman.

Mac users should be using anti-virus, said Silverman.

4 Responses to “Apple changes its mind on security”

  1. Doc says:


    While OS X is intrinsically more secure than Windows, no OS can be completely secure and still be usable. You should take Dwight’s advice to heart. It is only a matter of time until someone recognizes that there are millions of Macs out there, used by users who think they aren’t vulnerable…

  2. luci says:

    The program Silverman recommended is only for intel macs. Any advice for PPC users? or are these new threats all aimed at intel macs and the rest of us are safe?

    Thanks for the show.

  3. Gerald Metz says:

    I’m a long-time Mac user, and a long-time anti-virus SW user on my Macs. Because I use some Microsoft products, and MS Office in particular, I have indeed encountered viruses from time to time, e.g. those that attack Office’s scripting tools. My anti-virus software has also detected and cleaned trojan attacks that arrived either as email attachments or as malicious links on web sites.

    I’m using Norton right now. Yes, it’s heavy-handed, but I’m inclined to err on the side of caution.

  4. Ken Burns Effect says:

    @Luci: Try ClamXAV!

    It’s free and held in high regard: