Panel urges Obama to make cyber security a top priority


A panel of government and industry experts is urging President-elect Barack Obama to create a new White House office to protect the country from malicious hackers and Internet attacks from foreign governments.

Because cyber attacks are so frequent the government should give them the same level of attention as threats from weapons of mass destruction and global jihad, said James Lewis of the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

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One Response to “Panel urges Obama to make cyber security a top priority”

  1. Bill Pook says:

    No no no… Tell Mr. James Lewis that the US has recently created a Cyber-Defense entity !

    It’s called the US Air Force. The AF created an entire new Command called Cyber-Command.

    Now a “Command” is a huge entity heavily staffed and equipted.

    He commented that the cyber organization he wanted would also have to have cyber-strike capabilities…. well James… to strike out at hostile party is a “military” mission.

    Establishing what James Lewis was describing takes a great deal of time for infrastructure…. starting fresh as he wants would take years to ramp up…. investing in an established program…prehaps even expanding the exisitn mission will be more effective then (typical) overlap of agencies and services.

    I guess what struck me the most of this feature is that Mr. Lewis is part of the Center for Strategic & International Studies…..I happen to just be a civil engineer in the Air Froce Reserves …yet he doesn’t even know what’s already going on. Sounds like he could use some enlightenment on current American doctrine and resources.

    MSgt Bill Pook


    Fremont, Nebraska