Web cam shines a light on seedy street corner


Adam Jackson left Florida 6 months ago on a whim – to chase the dream of working in San Francisco’s tech industry. He hurriedly rented the first apartment he saw, unaware the 6th floor unit sits at the edge of the city’s sketchy Tenderloin neighborhood — known in part for its high crime rate, massage parlors and abundant liquor stores.

Wanting to show folks back home what life was like at the intersection of Ellis and Taylor streets, he decided to point a 24-hour Web cam at the corner.

Clips from Jackson’s camera can be found on YouTube. Here’s one:

One Response to “Web cam shines a light on seedy street corner”

  1. Heather says:

    Did you see the latest? Adam’s Block has come down because he was harassed and now forced to move: http://www.adamsblock.com