Wi-Fi at 35,000 feet



Delta Airlines is now offering wireless Internet service on board some flights between Washington D.C., New York and Boston. Delta says it will expand the Wi-Fi service to its entire fleet — including planes operated by its Northwest subsidiary — by next summer.

Earlier this year American Airlines and Virgin America began selling in-flight Wi-Fi.

3 Responses to “Wi-Fi at 35,000 feet”

  1. scott says:

    Everyone in a small, enclosed area talking extra loud to speak over the roar of the engines? That sounds good? Perhaps this new technology will benefit airlines in a different way: People will be drawn to airlines where the cellphone activity is limited to the frantic drunk-dial style calling of overly connected businessmen while the plane is still on the ground.

  2. Jon Gordon says:


    My understanding is the AirCell service does not include voice calls – it’s just for data. I probably should have brought that up in the report…

    -Jon Gordon

  3. Brian says:

    Jon I appreciate all the work you do. I have your blogs as an RSS. But there is a question I think would be obvious to ask. That would be, “airlines normally ask us to turn off our transmit mode. does this mean that we know it won’t affect the instruments in the plane?”

    If you know the answer it would be great if you could explain why we do now, and/or what has changed.