President-elect prepares to give up BarackBerry


Barack Obama says he’s still clinging to his BlackBerry, but it looks like aides will pry the smart phone from the presidential hands in short order. The Secret Service and Obama’s lawyers say the Verizon BlackBerry 8830 World Edition phone is too much of a security risk and legal liability.

Guest: Maggie Reardon, CNET

One Response to “President-elect prepares to give up BarackBerry”

  1. David says:

    While I agree with your interest in having a tech savvy president. I think that it is a good idea that he gets rid of it.

    The records keeping aspect is important, but I am most concerned about:

    1. interception of the data, either with the encryption being broken on the wireless data, or through access somewhere else in the network where the data may not be encrypted (or could be decrypted through an inside job).

    2. location betrayal. I am guessing that his Blackberry has either a GPS or uses technology to determine his location. If people find the Blackberry, they find the prez. There are times when it is best that people can’t pinpoint where he is.

    Heck, while we all appreciate a president who can talk on the phone, I am guessing that none of the recent presidents have used a non-secure phone while they are in office. Land line or wireless. Why is the Blackberry any different?

    Send Obama to the White House and the Blackberry to the Smithsonian. When he leaves office, there will be far cooler communication devices for him to use.