In her new book The Trouble with Boys, former Newsweek education reporter Peg Tyre argues schools and parents do boys a disservice when they reign in boys natural play that involves fantasy violence — like a little game of cops and robbers. “There is a palpable sense,” she writes, “that the ways in which boys play need to be suppressed or rigidly controlled.” Such control, she argues, inhibits boys ability to learn and understand the world. Violent video games, she says, could be beneficial as an outlet for boys naturally violent tendencies.

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MP3 – iTunes Over the past several years, profit motive has become one of the primary reasons for carrying out Internet attacks. But according to the new Web Hacking Incidents Database Report, the number one motivation for Web-based attacks in 2008 was defacement targeting political parties, candidates and government agencies. Other items mentioned on today’s Read more

While President Obama has been widely praised for his use of the Internet to communicate with the public, not all are happy. For example privacy groups have raised a stink over President Obama’s use of Google’s YouTube as the primary distributor of weekly video addresses on the Website. Groups such as the Electronic Frontier Read more