Putting Google Voice message transcription to the test


One of the most talked-about features in Google Voice is voice mail transcription. To get a sense of how well the machine transcription works, we asked listeners to leave messages at our Google Voice number. Here are some of the results:

Transcription for above:

the following taxes taken from and onion info graphics called tornados safety and spring is tornado season the national weather service recommend taking these following safety measures in the event of the twenty eight oh light down in a bit if you are already lying in a ditch do not attempt to set up the most important thing you can do is stay calm this will be difficult since you are almost certainly going to die twenty does spoke easily firing if you wanna shots in the air is usually enough to scare them off hey little little for a while strap yourself to the roof of your house enraged i haven’t hey present tornados before they happen make sure that one memorial fair front’s do not convert with cool dry ones if during a tornados the only safe places in my loving arts i’m here baby hey if atone eight oh strikes you’re home is even your basement could be dangers so constructive basement for your basement and finally if you spot a tornado always remember to point at it and yelled tornado and then run like hell

Transcription for above:

our reading but you know do flynn the past of most resistance and it’s fundamentally flood core the name of almost any learning program to help us become what we are not hey if you don’t have national town with numbers you still force to spend time in that area area to attain a degree if you’re not very impressed attic you get a sense to a course designed to and few sympathy into your personality from the cradel to the cubicle we devote more time to our shortcomings then to our strengths it’s been has been a reading from strings finder two point oh part-time ralf goodbye two two four thank you

Transcription for above:

jabber walking hey floors brilly can the slightly toasted ironing gamble in the way down on the with the borrow grose animal morass upgrade be where the jetta lock my son the job byte the closet catch you where the jeff jeff bird and shawn the from this bender snatch if you get this mobile blade in hand long time the names of info you soft so message to you by the comes in three wants to the while involved and i was in the office talk to you stuart it’s trevor walk with elisa playing came with we went through the told you would and behold as it came one two one two and coming through the republicans krisak he left a dead and with its head he can’t about something back and has douse lane the driver walk coming to my office my name is boy ohh i’m just taking a break he totaled in is joy probably like and the slightly toasted guy ring and along the way but on and see where the bro goes animal mass upgrade

Transcription for above:

hi i just thought i’d read you the first amendment harrisville making a large back and if that was kind of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof or bridging freedom of speech or a price for the rest of the people to use we have several expedition the government’s for regressive griffin says hope google voice works out for you

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5 Responses to “Putting Google Voice message transcription to the test”

  1. Jeff says:

    Not bad .. now try leaving real voicemail messages.

    “Hey Jim it’s Mark .. I’m stuck in traffic and will be late for the meeting” kind of stuff ..

  2. Sara says:

    I’m glad the First Amendment promises several expeditions for regressive griffins.

  3. Jon Gordon says:

    I know, right? What other country guarantees that kind of opportunity?

  4. Marty says:

    I think this represents a huge opportunity for Google to continue the quest for omniscience (sp?), provided that it improves enough that people can use it. (I’m Not so sure from the examples above).

    Every time someone does a Google search, Google knows a bit more about what folks are looking for. Now it can know what folks are talking about too. What a wonderful position in which to be.

    Sentence boundary segmentation and correct capitalization of Proper Nouns would help the readabilty a lot.


  5. shelsacks says:

    “Jabberwocky”(sp?) was a great test of Google’s voice-to-print algorhythm. Google failed miserably – but, perhaps it wasn’t really a fair test, since clearly the algorhythm uses a limited dictionary of (English?) words?? Nice try, Google!