The new normal


I know what you’re thinking: Great, another segment on file sharing. But a poll out of Canada seems to suggest the debate is over. The music industry is never going to live the good life again, because whatever compunction people feel toward paying for something they can get for free is disappearing.

A majority of Canadian Internet users see nothing wrong with file sharing — downloading digital music files or movies free. File sharing, according to the firm Angus Reid Strategies, is simply “the new normal.”

For this segment, I talked with the firm’s Matt Kleinschmit.

Kleinschmit says music companies will pursue more “extras” to move you to paying for what you might be getting for nothing. He calls this the “bottled water” method and it includes more editorial content and digital booklets attached to music. Still unclear, he says, is where the tipping point is, when the lack of revenue for music producers leads them to stop producing it.

3 Responses to “The new normal”

  1. Great story. It really got me thinking, if this idea that downloading content without paying becomes totally acceptable how much further will it go? It leads to an attitude that seems to say, if I can get it for free I should, it’s the producer’s problem if they can’t find a way to make money off that. But is that really sustainable or will it lead to good producers closing shop?

  2. Rob Zantay says:

    I am a music producer and Jazz Artist. Now that I’ve spent my entire disability award on a state of the art recording studio so I can produce great sounding musical pieces, and spend 4-6 hours a day practicing my flutes and saxaphones, and then spend weeks working on each piece so that I can present a great musical listening experience to my fellow man. How am I to exist in this new electronic economy? When I want to use the latest Waves sound shaping plugins they want to charge me $3200. should I demand that they give it to me for free? I don’t think the Waves company could exist if no one paid for their hard work. Con Edison wants to be paid for the power my studio uses every month. Now that the major recording companies have all closed up shop along with the record, I mean CD stores. For the people to hear the music that serious musicians produce, the musicians must write, record, produce and promote their music themselves. Otherwise all you will get is the latest American Idol to worship and then discard, or you can listen to the 20 songs that clear channel radio has determained, by group testing, that you should be allowed to hear.

    If no one wants to pay anything for all the work musians must do to bring music to you, please tell me how we musicians are supposed to survive? Just because you can download something it doesn’t mean that it has no monetary worth. In that case Windows, Wordperfect and McAfee should just be free also.

  3. paul says:

    Stealing copyrighted material is not ethical or needed since about everything is available on demand, through services like groove shark, hulu, youtube, and countless others.