Engaging kids with social media


Minneapolis’ Roosevelt High School teacher Delainia Haug has tapped the power of digital media to create a learning community — called DigME — in her school. Using a variety of digital media, students are studying and producing content across four separate subjects.

I know the idea of a digital carrot-and-stick to motivate students is not necessarily new. But what Cynthia Lewis at the University of Minnesota’s College of Education and Human Development notes is that many students in this generation — who we think are entirely comfortable with digital media — often have few skills that they’ll need, especially in college. In fact, this program seems to be showing the students that they can go to college.

It’s unclear what the impact of a digital media program is on increased student achievement; this is the first year of the program and there were no plans — this year — to study the effect on progress. But Lewis keeps an eye on what the kids are up to and if the fact they’re updating their wiki pages late into the evening is any indication, motivation will translate into success.

Here’s the entire interview with Cynthia Lewis.

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