MP3 – iTunes Sonoma County, California winery Murphy-Goode is seeking a blogger/tweeter to hang with winemaker David Ready for six months. The Murphy-Goode lifestyle correspondent will write about wine making and promote the company on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Wanna-be wine bloggers are submitting 60-second videos to promote their candidacies. Applications for the Read more

The Obama administration has launched, a much-anticipated site where citizens can download raw data from federal agencies. The idea is to encourage programmers and others to make new applications and mashups based on information from such agencies as the National Weather Service, the Census Bureau, the U.S. Geological Survey and the National Center for Health Statistics.

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In a research paper being presented at a computer security symposium in Oakland, California today, researchers from Microsoft and Carnegie Mellon University argue that secret question mechanisms are insecure. The study involved 130 people who use Web mail services from Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL, all of which have secret questions for password recovery.

Guest: Stuart Schechter, Microsoft Research

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Last week the Obama administration promised to strengthen antitrust enforcement as a means to deal with powerful companies. That would make the U.S. more aligned with the European Union, which last week fined chip maker Intel $1.45 billion for abusing its market power.

Technology companies such as AT&T, IBM and Microsoft have been the biggest antitrust targets for the government over the past several decades. In many ways, the most dominant tech firm now is Google, which is already under some scrutiny by the Justice Department. Last year the company abandoned a search partnership with Yahoo after the government threatened an antitrust lawsuit. And this year the government has opened two separate inquiries — one for Google’s book scanning project, the other related to Google sharing board members with Apple.

Will the government make Google a major antitrust target going forward? Possible but not likely, according to University of Iowa law school professor Herbert Hovenkamp.

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