Is new Zune yawn-inducing, or will it actually be ok?



A new Zune is on the way. It will feature high definition video and HD Radio, a multi-touch screen, plus Wifi and a Web browser.

Microsoft has not announced a price for the Zune HD, which is due this autumn.

Guest: Dwight Silverman

2 Responses to “Is new Zune yawn-inducing, or will it actually be ok?”

  1. Andy Knight says:

    It’s so nice to hear how the Zune is a failure from a podcast I listen to on my Zune. Of course, the key advantage the Zune has had over the iPod is its built in radio, but why would anyone connected with APM or the CBC care about a device that lets people access this old, outdated technology? Why, radio should certainly go the way of the dinosaur so that we can obtain all of our media through the benevolent overlords at Apple Inc.

  2. Jon Gordon says:


    Microsoft wants Zune to become a mass market product, a serious challenger to iPods. It has not been a success on that level. I’m glad you like yours, and I think competition in this space is good for all of us. I plan to give the Zune HD a serious look when it hits the market in the fall.

    -Jon Gordon