Can U.S. keep up in spy technology?


Today: Part 2 of our interview with H. Keith Melton, author of Spycraft: The Secret History of the CIA’s Spytechs, from Communism to al-Qaeda

One Response to “Can U.S. keep up in spy technology?”

  1. Beth Aaron says:

    From my lense, I find it absurd, diabolic, bordering on evil that in 2009, our so called , “Christian” nation must resort to these sorts of technologies . It appears the Sunday church service has no meaning if the so called religious people of this nation feel the need to use spy technology to guard against a global threat they had a huge part in creating.

    After all, where was/IS most of the weaponry created both biological and other forms. DRONES!!!! This appears more to be about the economics of warfare to keep the competative ideology in control.

    Why do we never hear about converting a war economy into a peace economy?

    Would any Christian, Jewish, Muslem government even now how?

    We’ve woven a perverted web, dependent on death and disease. How Chirstian is that?

    How pro-life is it to protect the fetus from abortion, while poisoning his/her cord blood with rocket fuel, agribusiness chemcials, and more than 200 carcinogens?

    We’ve entered not the age of the unthinkable, as Mr. Ramo from the Kissenger Institute writes in his book, but the age of the absurd.

    US values are as selective as the multi-tiered justice system that has one set of rules and laws for us common folk, another for politicians, another for the military, and another for corporations, all built upon human supremacy and the ideology that all of nature is a commodity.

    Perhaps Mr. Gordon could expand his lense to how technology , when used without empathy and a moral compass, lands any society RIGHT where this one is now….

    Peace and prosperity? How’s it looking so far?