A conversation with Microsoft chief strategist Craig Mundie



Microsoft says it will make lightweight, web-based versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote as part of Office 2010. The “cloud” applications are part of a company push into collaborative document making, according to Microsoft chief strategist and researcher Craig Mundie.

In this interview Mundie also addresses Google Chrome OS and the future of Windows.

One Response to “A conversation with Microsoft chief strategist Craig Mundie”

  1. David Skarjune says:

    Writing off Google is pretty easy, if one ignores what they actually do. Craig Mundie describes Android as “a lot more traditional like Microsoft operating systems.” Huh? I thought it was a lightweight mobile Open Source OS built with Linux & Java with an open applications market following the iPhone model. It’s disappointing that a journalist would let this fly by unquestioned. Or is there an Open Source version of Windows Mobile with thousands of apps by third party developers that I missed? Microsoft PR & marketing can pretend that Google is copying Microsoft, but then there’s the real world. It’s so obvious that Office 2010 is imitating Google Apps, strictly by definition–an online office suite that is free and allows real-time collaboration. Hmmm, where have I seen that…