The potential dangers of autonomous, ethical battle robots


Today, part two of our conversation with Ronald Arkin, author of Governing Lethal Behavior in Autonomous Robots

3 Responses to “The potential dangers of autonomous, ethical battle robots”

  1. Beth Aaron says:

    To offer such myopic focus and frame all discussions as if warfare is inevitable, makes me suspicious about who funds these programs?

    If the human species refuses to evolve away from using violence to solve our self-designed problems, perhaps we should take another look at thinking we are so high up over other forms of life we’ve considered lowly for centuries, what our economic foundations were built upon…. reducing other beings to commodities.

    Hell, we are the most plaguing species to this earth, yet, we think hens are dumb and pigs are dirty.

    Hens need NO human to teach them to properly care for their young. Pigs need no human to teach them NOT to crap where they sleep or eat, as the ones I care for never do.

    Of all the species we share this earth with, species endangered by everything our economic endeavors cause, it is WE who foul the miracle of life, creation, and it is WE who need a de-briefing of how we think and behave.

    We seem to have become the robots US tax dollars are developing. We can’t even think for ourselves how to stop using violence, stop inducing disease with toxic agriculture, stop over-population a planet already in distress from humans and the expanding western diet!

    We can’t even SEE that children are made SICK from USDA nutrition policies.

    We need no robots to “protect” us. We need only change our attitudes about our place on this earth.

    Thomas Edison said,”Non-violence is the highest ethic and the goal of all evolution. Until we STOP harming ALL LIVING BEINGS, we are still savages.”

  2. Eek says:

    ^ Beths crazy.

    Many species war, from Ants to Zebras.

    Raise 2 cages of cute hamsters accross the room from eachother and then dump them into a box together, what happens? They all kill eachother as they no longer have their own scent.

    Beth raises chickens and pigs, that have been born in captivity generation after generation. Wild sows wallow in muck, and wild birds shit all around their nests.

    There will always be war because it’s animal nature. Men are tired of dying so the smart ones are going to let bots fight fir them.

  3. Jeremy says:

    Eek, you exemplified Beth’s point perfectly. You don’t seem to realize that humans are a species that is capable of rising above instinctive violence and war if we would truly, collectively work towards it.

    But mindsets like yours and those that seek profit and power at the expense of harm and injustice to others prevent us all from evolving to that non-violent goal. Beth is right that we are killing our own species (and of course others) and our home (Earth) even though we should know better.