I choose Android



I’ve finally chosen a new phone. I picked the T-Mobile myTouch, an Android device, over Apple’s iPhone.

The actual device was less a factor for me than cost of the plan and quality of the network. The iPhone is clearly a more advanced creature (although the myTouch is good enough for me). T-Mobile’s data plan is cheaper. In fact, thanks to a customer loyalty program (I’ve been withT-Mobile for a few years) I was able to get unlimited minutes, unlimited data, and 400 text messages per month for about $75.

The T-Mobile network, while not always perfect, has been generally reliable. All the stories about dropped calls and 3G outages on the iPhone with AT&T scared me away.

12 Responses to “I choose Android”

  1. Peter says:

    Please let us know what you think of your new phone after a couple weeks. I appreciate that you shared your buying experience since it seems we lose a lot of time with everybody trying to figure it out on our own.

  2. Erik says:

    Congratulations. I’m sure going a little “against the grain” should make for some interesting reports in the future. I’ll be eager to hear about the continued innovations on the Android platform.

  3. ryaninmpls says:

    I know you don’t spend all your time in the Twin Cities… but I haven’t experienced much in the way of 3G dropout for data – when it has happened I’ve had a wifi connection available and SMS never gave out and neither did basic phone service. And Edge never gave up.

    That said, there’s a troubling thing coming up in the eastern Metro here that plagues my 3.1b3 iPhone called “AT&T M-Cell 3G” wherein I do not get ANY 3G services… no text, no net, GPS works half as well as it did on the north shore a month ago with no service, etc.

    M-Cell, or Microcell, is supposed to “boost” signal to those in a home (not on the interstate like I have been) for up to 5 3G users (using my flaky memory here so I may be wrong about any/all of this).

    ::steps off soapbox::

  4. Jon Gordon says:

    Peter: Good point about all of us going through these tech buying decisions along. We need some kind of hive mind approach 😉

    Will post impressions of myTouch somehwere. Posterous, Twitter, etc.


  5. Jon Gordon says:


    Going against the grain has some appeal. But mostly my decision was based on cost of the plan and perceived network quality.

    I think Android has a bright future. We shall see. I’ve been tragically wrong before.


  6. Jon Gordon says:


    Many people tell me they have no problems with the iPhone on AT&T. I hear more bad stuff about the network in the San Francisco Bay Area than the Twin Cities. I wanted to make sure I had a strong network in both places and T-Mo has been pretty good for me over the last few years.

    I was basically scared off of AT&T by the horror stories. I know my experience my have been just fine but it seemed like an unnecessary risk.


  7. Paul says:

    Some of your listeners DO care what you chose!

    And we are interested in how your experience develops over days, weeks, and months. Most especially since its a bit “against the grain”

  8. Ras says:

    I currently own both phones. I’m typing this as we speak on the myTouch. I love both phones for different reasons. As a Google Voice user I don’t think I’ll be able to drop the myTouch. I wish I could smash both phones together. It would be the ultimate. My main gripe with the myTouch is the on screen keyboard. It’s not nearly as refined as the iphone.

  9. Jon Gordon says:

    RAS: Why do you own both phones? Also, agree with you on the keyboard. I’m using a replacement keboard called “Better Keyboard” which is maybe a slight improvement. I’m hoping software updates will improve the included keyboard down the road …


  10. Dave says:

    A prominent blog about Apple, daringfireball.net, made an interesting post about an iPhone user who decided to try out an Android phone for a month. I don’t know if it will change your mind, but it sure is interesting.


  11. Ezra says:


    I was in the exact same place as you were. I had been with t mobile for 7 years, I had a blackberry I was on their unlimited plan etc. I went with an iPhone, after agonizing for a few weeks. It came down mostly to coverage. There are a lot of places I frequent that have 0 bars on t mobile’s network. Also I felt like the myTouch wasn’t enough device for me. I felt like I might have stayed with t mobile if they had released the HTC Hero instead. Anyway it was interesting to hear someone else make a lot of the same arguments and wind up with a different descision.

  12. Jon Gordon says:

    So what did you end up with, an iPhone?