In praise of minimal computing


On his blog Minimal Mac, Patrick Rhone suggests we should ask ourselves what desktop icons, programs, and hardware we truly need, and then get rid of what we rarely or never use.

4 Responses to “In praise of minimal computing”

  1. Mike says:

    I’am sorry but yes i need the Word application. The world is using it and i recieve lots of documents with the .doc extension. I know i can view this simpel with the quick viewer, but when i am on Windows i cant.



  2. Jon Gordon says:

    I won’t try to talk you out of Word but will point out that lots of different programs work just fine with .doc The free and open source OpenOffice, for example.

  3. Thilo says:

    I think the point was not to discourage using Word to open Word documents, but to question the habit to a) install the whole Office suite when you only need a word processor and b) launch Word when writing an unformatted memo that Notepad (or Outlook Express) could also handle.

    And I very much doubt that in the face of a “no-bloat” attitude the case could be made for OpenOffice as an alternative. OOo may be free and open source, but is basically the same kind of beast as Microsoft’s offering.

  4. Jon Gordon says:

    Right. Good point.