Should British government apologize to Alan Turing?


A recognized genius in mathematics, cryptography, and computer science, Alan Turing cracked German naval code in World War II, and is thought to be the father of modern computer science. Despite his achievements he was treated poorly in his home country of Great Britain, which prosecuted him for homosexual acts, which were illegal at the time. That treatment likely led to his suicide in 1954 at the age of 41.

John Graham-Cumming, a British computer programmer, believes Turing is owed an apology.

4 Responses to “Should British government apologize to Alan Turing?”

  1. francois says:

    You probably mean is OWED (not OWNED)an apology.

  2. Jon Gordon says:

    Indeed. Thanks for catching the mis-type…

  3. Richard Berger says:

    We, the Brits owe a lot to him so your piece on Alan Turing was appreciated. I don’t think you noted that there was a very engaging play about him in 1986, Breaking the Code, which the station on which I hear your work, KPCC in Pasadena, CA, broadcast as as radio performance.

  4. Jon Gordon says:

    Thanks for letting me know about Breaking the Code, worth seeking out …