What does FTC ruling on blogger payola mean to Internet users?

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The Federal Trade Commission this week announced new guidelines that would penalize bloggers for failing to disclose when they receive money for endorsing products. The fine could go as high as $11,000.

Some consumer groups pushed for the change, saying Internet users need to be aware of payments before trusting information on products like diets and financial services. Others are concerned the government is sticking its nose where it doesn’t belong.

Guest: Caroline McCarthy, CNET News

One Response to “What does FTC ruling on blogger payola mean to Internet users?”

  1. Steve Rusk says:

    If the Blogger is getting paid then it really is an ad and should be stated to the readers.

    How different is a paid for blog post from a 30min paid show for a ladder? But where does it stop?

    Most sale sited have a place for customer comments about each product. Are we to believe, that manufactures aren’t stuffing the ballet box for their product in a positive way, or the other guys stuff in a negative way? When you see the exact same text as a comment on a few of the same manufacturer product, it seems something is up. Do we regulate that too?