Remember those little discs from America Online? You couldn’t get away from them. Sign up and get 800 billion free hours. For beginning users, and we all were at the time, America Online was the internet. AOL quickly became big enough to merge with, take over really, Time Warner. Then things went south. AOL’s fortune was built on dial-up internet service, Time Warner was built on print media, two things that just didn’t turn out to be strong pillars. So the merger died. And today, the company, which is now called “Aol.”, officially begins a new chapter as its own company once more. What will the new/old company be?

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The company that makes Tom Tom global positioning system – or GPS – navigation devices says it’s getting some of the most complete and up-to-date information ever on roads in the U.S.

And now, it’s ranking them.

“There’s some surprises,” says Margot Dologne, a spokeswoman for TeleAtlas, a digital map company and subsidiary of Tom Tom. “I mean, you would never think Seattle would be the most congested city in the continental United States, or for that matter Minneapolis -St Paul would be down at the number 30 spot.”

The company ranked 30 metropolitan areas in the US with populations over half a million.

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