Privacy groups file FTC complaint against Facebook

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The Electronic Privacy Information Center, or EPIC, is complaining to the Federal Trade Commission that Facebook’s new information sharing and privacy policies are unfair and deceptive to users.

EPIC and a handful of other groups are urging the FTC to make Facebook turn back the clock on the recent changes, which were designed to persuade users to share more personal information on the wider Internet.

One Response to “Privacy groups file FTC complaint against Facebook”

  1. Kevin Smith says:

    In case people haven’t noticed, Facebook & other social networking sites have become the fastest growing resource for marketing professionals to mine for sales prospecting activities. Users of these sites should understand that they are in effect joining a “do call” list. It’s ironic that baby boomers have enacted laws & regulations intended to prevent telemarketers and others from intruding while the younger generation seems content to expose their personal/professional profiles to those companies that may want to sell them goods & services tailored to the information they post online. Perhaps it’s a more effective use of time, most people like that Amazon, Overstock, etc. “suggest” additional products to them based on purchase behavior, maybe some people welcome retailers, insurance agents, cell phone/cable companies, etc. contacting them with products tailored to their profile. Data mining these social networking sites has become a highly funded endeavor within companies such as Target, Walmart, etc. so understand that the information you provide online will get used by someone you may never have considered your “friend”.