Technology and airplane security

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The Associated Press reports that some in-flight security rules imposed after last week’s attempted terror attack aboard a Northwest Airlines flight have been eased.

At the captain’s discretion, passengers can once again fill their laps with laptops and other gadgetry, as well as books, blankets and other items, during the tail end of a flight.

This news probably sounds like an uncommon bit of common sense to security expert Bruce Schneier.

One Response to “Technology and airplane security”

  1. z! says:

    Bruce echos what many of us have been saying for about 8 years- band-aid security measures don’t work. Once the Bad Guy is on the plane, it’s too late. You’ve got to prevent them from even getting through the airport.

    The US government has also gone down the wrong track by saying that flying is “completely safe”. It isn’t and will never be. While any death is tragic for the families involved, if you’re worried that something -might- happen, you’re better off to stay home (except that’s not as safe there as being on an airplane).