iPad: Revolutionary or merely a luxury product?

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The Apple iPad is upon us.

Early reaction seems a little underwhelming. But our guest, Harvard professor Stefan Thomke, believes the iPad has the potential to be revolutionary.

One Response to “iPad: Revolutionary or merely a luxury product?”

  1. Ok, let me see.

    1. It has the potential to replace all magazines and newspapers

    2. It makes it possible to watch movies anywhere without the bulk of a 6 pound laptop (that goes dead after a couple of hours)

    3. It is the ultimate portable research tool with access to all the information in the world

    4. It collects and controls all your music and media at home or on the road

    5. It has fantastic potential for presentations to clients or in school

    6. It can make photographs tactile again

    7. It will have thousands of tailored apps – just think about the potential for keeping logs and diagnostics at hospitals

    8. It enhances the way we can navigate and interface with the virtual world in a tactile and intuitive way

    9. It looks like the future is already here, and with style…

    How can this not be revolutionary?