The Apple iPad: Is it a computer?

Some argue it’s not, citing the lack of a keyboard, a limited operating system, and the fact that users can’t get under the hood and tinker. But the iPad does have a CPU, memory, and lot of other computer-y components.

Whichever way you go on the iPad-as-computer question, there’s no doubting that our concept of the computer is changing as technology permeates our lives more and more.

Guest: Dwight Silverman

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Activists working to develop an alternative American voting system have turned loose their first batch of software code for public review. The Open Source Digital Voting Foundation is spearheading a project to build new voting machines to replace proprietary systems currently in place. The group is in the second year of a an eight-year plan to produce a publicly-owned, open source election system.

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The SenseCam is a specialized digital camera that’s been percolating in the labs of Microsoft Research U.K for about five years now. It’s designed to be worn around the neck on a lanyard. The device takes still images throughout the day, when motion is sensed or when people come into view, as often as every 30 seconds.

The camera can be used for everything from a scrapbooking tool to a medical device for patients with impaired memories. Microsoft has been able to produced only about 500 SenseCams, so it’s decided to license its technology to ramp up production.

U.K. company Vicon will begin selling the cameras, under the name Vicon Revue, to researchers this year and to the general public in 2010.

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