Some newspapers and magazines have abandoned their print operations as a way to cut costs — most notably the Seattle Post Intelligencer, Christian Science Monitor and Blender magazine. What are the consequences when publications move to online-only? Some clues can be found by looking at Taloussanomat, a financial publication from Finland that stopped printing to focus on digital operations in December 2007.

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MP3 – iTunes One of the most talked-about features in Google Voice is voice mail transcription. To get a sense of how well the machine transcription works, we asked listeners to leave messages at our Google Voice number. Here are some of the results: Transcription for above: the following taxes taken from and onion info Read more

MP3 – iTunes Over the past several years, profit motive has become one of the primary reasons for carrying out Internet attacks. But according to the new Web Hacking Incidents Database Report, the number one motivation for Web-based attacks in 2008 was defacement targeting political parties, candidates and government agencies. Other items mentioned on today’s Read more

A group that represents authors is urging its members to be wary of the text-to-speech feature on Amazon’s updated Kindle electronic reading gadget, saying it could violate copyrights.

The Author’s Guild says the Kindle 2’s “Read to Me” feature presents a significant challenge to the publishing industry because it could eventually undermine the market for audio books.

Guest: Nilay Patel, Engadget

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