Things that won’t survive recession


The worldwide economic slump will hasten the inevitable demise of land line telephones, free tech support, the once-formidable Internet company Yahoo, satellite radio and more, according to according to write Mike Elgan.

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  1. RE: Silicon Valley ventures to disappear in Recession

    Here’s the odd irony behind Mike Elgan’s reasoning: Silicon Valley hype machine (meaning VC et. al.) is demanding as much high scale, mass market return as they did in the boom, so just as then, they are pulling the bottom line rug on over-hyped companies.

    BUT, look at what survived the crash. The Internet began as a social environment (early 1990s), got invaded by carpet-bagging entrepreneurs bent on turning eyeballs into cash, the cash was slow to the party, and horseless carriage media VC pulled out their backing.

    Did the Internet evaporate when they did that? No, its core function as a social environment thrived, actually boomed, in the absence of all that “business model” pressure. Thanks to the VC ditching the Net for dead, the blog movement was born, social media in the form of FOAF networks, were able to build strength in weak ties and strong ties, and the online world missed all those entrepreneurs and VC NOT AT ALL. Good riddance, in other words.

    So now they are singing the same song? And they expect true Netizens to care because why? They can go cry their crocodile tears in a river for all I care. The only pity is that real and true ventures get thrown out with the hype bathwater, just as they did in 2001.

    But if Web 2.0 is about social, trust this: Social Media WILL OUT, with or without fair weather friends.