Good podcasts for your idle time


We asked folks on the social network Twitter to share some of their favorite podcasts. Here are some they liked:

Onion Radio News

MacMost Now

In Our Time

Radio Lab

This American Life

Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo’s Film Reviews

6 Responses to “Good podcasts for your idle time”

  1. Robbo says:

    There are some other excellent podcasts that I listen to on a daily and weekly basis during my commute to and from work. These are (In no particular order):

    -Marketplace Money by American Public Media

    -KCRW’s Left, Right and Center (Features Ariana Huffington)

    -The Moth Podcast (Stories well-told)

    -Car Talk Podcast (Click and Clack’s entire weekly radio show)

    -Sunday Puzzle Podcast (featuring NY Times crossword puzzle editor Will Shortz), and

    -Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me! Podcast (the weekly NPR radio quiz show.

  2. Kevin says:

    I really like the weekly podcast from Slate : the Gabfest.

  3. Rick says:

    I found this website with all different kind of podcasts; I liked the poetry recitals.

  4. Paul says:

    Big fan of the Future Tense podcast itself!


    The Economist

    NYT Tech Talk

    and from Australia’s ABC, The Philosopher’s Zone and Ockham’s Razor

  5. Brianary says:

    (Blocking access to the page entirely when ads are not displayed? *sigh*)

    Here are my favorite podcasts, most of the ones I listen to in fact, in no particular order:


    * The Bugle is amazingly funny.

    * The Onion is very funny, but so is the Wootcast from

    * The Moth is often very funny.

    * You Look Nice Today is always funny.

    * Escape Pod and PodCastle are the best short fiction podcasts.

    * The Friday Night Comedy podcast from the BBC includes the News Quiz half the time, the British version of Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me, which is always great.

    * Car Talk is consistently funny.

    * Bells in the Batfry is a kind of Muppet Show-style humor.

    * Real Time with Bill Maher is the audio track from the HBO series, which means the visual gags get lost, but still plenty topically funny.

    * Downloadable Content, The Penny Arcade Podcast is rarely updated, but is a very funny behind-the-scenes listen to how a Penny Arcade comic strip is made.

    * I miss Russell Brand’s BBC show, but still enjoy Jon Richardson, Adam and Joe, Rhod Gilbert, and Scotland’s Funny Bits.


    * Decoder Ring Theatre produces the best old-radio-style audio drama. Nothing beats Black Jack Justice.

    * Teknikal Diffikulties (TekDiff) is primarily a comedy podcast, but has been doing a very good drama series called The Account lately.

    * Radio Drama Revival plays content from many sources from WMPG Portland.

    * Wormwood is kind of a cross between the X-Files and Twin Peaks.

    * produces a great sampling of content from the Golden Age of Radio.

    News and Entertainment:

    * NPR’s Playback really provides perspective by playing a monthly sampling of news from exactly 25 years ago.

    * NPR’s Planet Money is required listening for anyone worried about the current economic trouble.

    * NPR’s Hourly News Summary is a quick 5-minute look at the news.

    * This American Life and Radiolab–obviously.

    * Australian Broadcasting’s (ABC) Night Air is like a sort of trance mix of content from random sources, kind of like if Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad started an ambient house band.

    * The BBC’s Pods and Blogs covers Internet news.

    * Slashdot Review and tech5 provide good tech news.

    * Stephen Fry’s Podgrams features Fry in a series of amusing or enlightening essays.

    * BBC 4’s Best of Today provides a British view of news.


    * Jazz NW from KPLU is an hour of great Seattle jazz every week.

    * NPR’s All Songs Considered and Second Stage are excellent sources of new music.

    * They Might Be Giants has a podcast full of songs that they update infrequently.

    * KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic features a group playing in the studio each week.

    * CBC’s New Music Canada Track of the Day,

    * the Australian Broadcasting’s (ABC) Triple-J New Music Podcast,

    * KCRW’s Today’s Top Tune,

    * MPR’s The Current Song of the Day,

    * BBC Scotland Introducing,

  6. Dave says:

    The following podcasts are what I enjoy, in alpha order. Most can be found on iTunes or Google. Yes, I’m a geek! 🙂

    APM: Future Tense

    The Best of National Geographic Magazine

    Best of YouTube

    The Discovery Files

    Discovery Space Podcast

    Engines of Our Ingenuity Podcast

    Pretty much everything at

    Get-It-Done Guy’s…

    Grammar Girl’s…

    Legal Lad’s…

    Modern Manners Guy…

    Money Girl’s…

    Hidden Universe: NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope


    Learn Excel from MrExcel Video Podcast

    MPR: Jet Streaming

    NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory Podcasts

    NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory…

    NASACast: Solar System Video

    NASACast: Space Shuttle and Space Station Video

    NASACast: This Week @ NASA Video

    National Press Club – XM Satellite Radio Broadcasts


    NPR: Car Talk Podcast

    NPR: Driveway Moments Podcast

    NPR: Hmmm…. Krulwich on Science Podcast

    NPR: Story of the Day Podcast

    NPR: Technology Podcast

    NPR: This I Believe Podcast

    PRI’s The World – Geo Quiz Podcast

    PRI: To the Best of Our Knowledge Podcast

    Science @ NASA Feature Stories Podcast

    Science Talk: The Podcast of Scientific American


    This American Life

    Wild Chronicles Digital Shorts

    60-Second Science

    Some of these are short, ~1.5 minutes, and some are slightly more than an hour. Some are updated daily and some are infrequently updated. Most are audio, but a fair number are video

    Another that was great, but is no longer updated is listed here. If you can, I suggest that you download it.

    Logically Critical