In a bad economy, Microsoft hits Apple on pricing


Microsoft’s newest TV ad features the computer shopping quest of a hip young woman named Lauren. She has a $1,000 budget and wants a fast laptop with a 17-inch screen. The ad’s message: Macs are not for shoppers on a budget.

Do Macs really cost so much more than Windows PCs? We put that question to Joe Wilcox, editor of Microsoft Watch and Apple Watch.

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2 Responses to “In a bad economy, Microsoft hits Apple on pricing”

  1. Jeff Hall says:

    i am disabled. most software is made for pc. apple is behind microsoft in access for disabled. also cost enters the equation when you add all the stuff we must buy.

  2. Ken Burns Effect says:

    I rather use a 13″ Mac than a 17″ Dell!

    I rather drive a BMW 3-series than a Volvo V70/S80.

    Also many features for disabled persons is built right into Mac OS X.

    No need to buy really expensive software (aprox 2-3000 USD) for the visually impaired because VoiceOver screen reader and a lot of high quality voices are already installed at no extra cost.