White House ditches YouTube – at least for now

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While President Obama has been widely praised for his use of the Internet to communicate with the public, not all are happy. For example privacy groups have raised a stink over President Obama’s use of Google’s YouTube as the primary distributor of weekly video addresses on the WhiteHouse.gov Website.

Groups such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation objected to YouTube’s use of small files known as “cookies” that track users’ movements across the Web. The White House is now using a different video provider.

3 Responses to “White House ditches YouTube – at least for now”

  1. peter says:

    eh? Where’s the MP3 downloadable version gone?

  2. Jon Gordon says:

    Downloadable version will be back. I pulled today’s because the show became outdated, and replaced it with the flash player version. For reasons that are too boring to go into it’s difficult to update the downloadable MP3 version, so I pulled it for today.

    -Jon Gordon

  3. chuck in florida says:

    I was wondering what happened to the downloadable .mp3 file as well.

    I was intrigued by the White House choice of alternative to YouTube because although it may be “safer” in terms of cookie tracking, many of us — even tech-savvy me — had never heard of Akamai.