iPhone, Android phone, or dumbphone?


I’m in the market for a new phone and facing a bout of indecision. So I’m inviting folks to tell me what to buy. First up, commentator Dwight Silverman says I’d be a fool not to get an iPhone.

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8 Responses to “iPhone, Android phone, or dumbphone?”

  1. Marty says:

    I have avidly listened to Future Tense on a daily basis for the past five(?) years.

    Today’s capsule was titled: iPhone, Android phone, or dumbphone?

    I am absolutely DUMBFOUNDED that I did not hear the words “Palm prē” anywhere in this morning’s capsule. While still not #1 in sales, it does most things better.

    I trust that the next show will update itself to cover the best of all options, the Palm prē.

  2. Jon Gordon says:


    The segment is not meant to be a comprehensive look at all options available to everyone. Rather, just what I’ve narrowed it to for my own purposes. I do plan to mention why the Pre is not on my list on tomorrow’s show … Basically, I tried a Sprint phone once and the coverage where I live was abominable so the Pre is not really a good option for me until it comes to another carrier…


  3. John Pugh says:

    You would be foolish to get suckered into a iPhone. Why? 1)Requires proprietary machine to make it work the first time 2) Requires proprietary machine to keep it functional 3) Requires proprietary machine to add more functionality 4) Requires AT&T. 5) Only allows you to run the apps Apple allows you to run 6) Apple exerts complete control over the system (just as Amazon does with the kindle) 7) You simple do not know what you do not know (closed source software).

    You want a Android based phone. If anything, because it is open, is extensible, and, above all, it just works.

  4. Nicholas says:

    Jon, thanks for clarifying why you didn’t include a Pre in the roundup. I think the headline made it sound like you’re trying to pick the best phone for everyone in the world. After the Pre’s initial glowing reviews, many tech columnists seemed to start pretending it didn’t exist, so I think Pre users can be a bit touchy. Having had a Pre for a month now, I can highly recommend it, though. Maybe you should just hang onto your old phone for 6 months and pick up a Pre when it’s on another network!

  5. I have the HTC* G1 … the first HTC contender against the iPhone.

    The open-source platform, and more open ap rules, make it a top choice for idealistic nerds. Its has a few bugs and annoyances, but is such a massive step up from any other phone I have owned that I dont mind.

    The main pull for me is the fact that the G1 runs on T-Mobile’s network and my rates are about 30-40% less than they would be if I switched to AT&T.

    I’ve been a huge Apple fan for over 20 years and despite their sucky rules, restrictions, and control issues, I’m just waiting out AT&T’s exclusivity deal before finally getting an iPhone. I’ve seen it in action and its simply a better device (in most regards) with better aps. If AT&T and apple are still married next year I’ll probably look into getting a hacked iPhone.

    * HTC (High Tech Computer) is possibly the raddest ultra nerd brand name on the market.

  6. Griff Wigley says:


    I’ve had a G1 (Google/Android/T-Mobile) since it arrived and now my wife has one, too. She’s pretty picky about phones and loves it.

    It has a huge apps store like the iPhone, all the features of iPhone, with the advantages of being open source as John Pugh noted above.

    And if you’re one to use a lot of Google’s offerings (Gmail and its contacts feature, docs, Picasa, etc) it’s saaaaaweeeeet integration.

  7. Aaron says:

    You mentioned that you are moving off a BlackBerry – why?!?! My wife and I had the Pearl for about a year and a half and now both have the touch screen Storm. We both LOVE them! Maybe you should give BlackBerry a second chance!

  8. Jon Gordon says:


    My BlackBerry Curve 8320 has been a good phone (and durable, I’ve dropped it about 50 times). Mostly I just want something shiny and new and different. Is that so wrong? 😉


    I did just hear that Palm Pre might be coming to Verizon. Can I wait that long? I’m so impatient.


    I’m a big Googler for sure, so that argues in favor of an Android phone.


    My college kid has a phone on the AT&T network and it’s just been terrible lately. Late text messages, delayed voice mails, etc. I can see why you’d want to wait.