Living without smartphones


In the final part of our series on mobile phone choice, we hear from a woman who gave up her iPhone, and a man who says he loves iPhones but would never actually buy one.

3 Responses to “Living without smartphones”

  1. Scott says:

    I would ask “What do you have against Windows Mobile.” But I can guess what you have against a windows OS. But I can’t live without mine. Why? Because unlike the iPhone and Google phone a Windows Mobile is not based on the principle of a constant EXPENSIVE data connection. I pay no monthly fee for my GSM chip and have 30 mb data access (3G or what ever service my phone supports) which is more than enough for emails. And VoipSMS allows text messages for 4 cents. For navigation I use TomTom which requires no internet connection and is usable as a navi. When I need Web Studd I limet myself to my 30 mb limit or I have to find a WiFi spot. Once on a WiFi spot I can call worldwide with my voipstunt account.

    Mostly I can not give up my WM mobile for its ability to running multiple programs. At the gym I have my Bluetooth stereo headset and listen to Podcasts, I have an excel table open with my workout on it, I press the center BT button and say “go” and a program reads out loud whatever text I copied to the clipboard “Exert, exert Hold ONE realease two three four. Exert exert hold TWO…. it does that up to the twelve reps I do … I don’t have to count and can focus on my excercise and form, and between sets I can read help files (*.chm) for some software I want to brush up on. All these programs at the same time!!!

  2. Spencer M says:

    Jon, You really disappointed me at the end of your smartphone series when, after presenting all the intelligent reasons NOT to buy an iPhone, you conclude with a DUMB reason why you are leaning towards it.

    Reason: you NEED to stream public radio on your phone. Surely you know any ordinary radio already does it for free and that you can download public radio without an iPhone! You are going over to the dark side to join the rest of the gotta-have-it-now techno snobs.

    I am really bummed out now and I need the latest, high-cost anti-depressant – and I need it RIGHT NOW!

  3. Trixie says:

    Cell phone? How 20th century! How about something like Skype on something like the Linux-running Nokia N810 WiMAX?

    iPhone is a constrained machine on repressed system. Fight the power! Free the tower! Don’t use either!