Talking me out of an iPhone


I’m in the market for a new smartphone and can’t decide what to buy.

My BlackBerry Curve has been a good phone but I just want something new and different. I’m not considering the highly-touted Palm Pre because it runs on the Sprint network, which is weak where I live.

So I’ve narrowed my choice to an iPhone or a device that runs on Google’s open source Android operating system, like the T-Mobile/HTC myTouch.

Today, some Android fans try to get me in their corner.

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8 Responses to “Talking me out of an iPhone”

  1. Erik says:

    Wonderful topic and really interesting debate. I appreciate you opening up your personal phone choice to discussion. You’ve obviously done your due diligence and the listener input has been informative.

    Research has shown that we’re wired to be happy with whatever choices we make. So in the end you’ll probably be pleased with whichever phone you pick.

    As an iPhone user, I have one thought to add to the other comments. For the most part, the iPhone is the “devil you know”. Its on its 3rd generation, you know its short comings and you know its strengths. And sometimes, (with respect to the myTouch) I let the early adopters work out the bugs. Although I’ll probably get a Crunchpad and an “iTablet” anyway.

    Looking forward to the report on your decision. I wonder what the oddsmakers are saying in Vegas?

  2. Jon Gordon says:


    Glad you liked the segments. I actually felt a little weird doing such 1st person-y material. Like, who cares about my purchasing indecision? But in the end I figured it was an interesting way to tackle the topic and so I marched ahead, damning my discomfort.

    Good point on the iPhone being a more mature platform.


  3. Adriano Freire says:

    I have to comment on this. I had ALL smartphones available, ranging form the ipaq, blackberries, kaiser, then g1 and now iphone.

    I liked the g1, and it’s just not mature or neat enough.

    I have an iPhone – it’s perfect, neat, everything is in the right place, and there’s also a community of people that will support your needs if apple does not. it’s perfect with all google aps, including gv.

    I was never an apple guy. The iPhone has changed that in me.

    Thanks for listening, and good luck with your choice.


  4. Andrew Duryea says:


    Your articles are quite timely as my wife and I are fielding the exact same questions as we move from 4-year old dumb phones to PDA phones. Would still be curious to here you analyze the Pre and next gen blackberries, even if they aren’t options for you. Appreciated!


  5. prickly pete says:

    I never understand when people have the money to do so, and they are not in contract with another carrier, why they wouldn’t get the iPhone. G1 and Pre are really cool devices but they are not even close.

  6. Mike W says:

    I’ve had an iPhone 3G for the past year, and I’m ready to jump ship (my wife and I waited in line at the Apple store the morning of the 3G release). I love the phone, but the bill I have to pay AT&T is ridiculous. And with Apple’s recent treatment of App developers (pulling Apps without warning, failing to pay them on time), plus the unpatched SMS vulnerability that was recently discovered I see no reason to continue giving money to either company. I just had to warn my wife to shut off her phone if she receives a strange text message. For the amount of money I’ve paid/am paying, I shouldn’t have to worry about these things.

  7. James Jones says:

    NOkia 5800 music xpress – good phone. Works great on T-mobile.

  8. Dan Syrstad says:

    I’m an app developer. I’ve looked at both the iPhone and Android/G1/myTouch (and now the Palm Pre). I had to decide which platform I was going to develop for. The iPhone has a lot of limitations from both a consumer and an app developer standpoint.

    First, it seems like it’s difficult to get your app into the Apple App Store. Many developers report delays and rejections without cause. Even Google has recently had their Google Voice app rejected. Apple dictates who gets in and who doesn’t. If you compete with Apple, you can’t get in. Competition is good. The Android Market is open to anyone and anyone can submit apps to it.

    Second, there are things you just can’t do on the iPhone that you can do on an Android/G1 phone. An Android phone can multi-task, iPhone can’t. Apple doesn’t allow it. One visible effect of this is that the iPhone makes you wait while it downloads content from the network. Android apps can run background services that can receive notifications while you are doing other things. For example, if you have a Twitter app, you can get notifications that your friend just tweeted while you are browsing the web. Just for this reason, there are apps that will never be written for the iPhone.

    Thirdly, it’s about choice. Android is a open platform. Quite a few phone vendors are contributing to its development. iPhone is proprietary and closed. You will see many phones and devices running Android – Google says 18 – 20 this year alone. You’ll have many phones to choose from, with the same apps available. You will only see one phone vendor with the iPhone platform – Apple. You get any color as long as it’s black or white. Oh, and there’s just one iPhone carrier right now – AT&T. In the future, the carrier(s) will be whomever Apple chooses. Android is currently on T-Mobile in the US, Rogers in Canada, etc. Other carriers such as Sprint and Verizon have already committed to Android. With Android, there are multiple carriers world-wide and multiple phone manufacturers.

    As for the Palm Pre, I just don’t see it happening. The platform for developers isn’t great – which means fewer apps for you. It’s also the same platform lock-in as the iPhone. The phone and software both come from Palm. No choice there.

    I went down the Android path in September last year and haven’t looked back. Android has it’s growing pains – as do all of the platforms. But it’s getting much better. The phones are getting better too. The G1 is kind of underpowered, but the myTouch is much better. I have a game for Android now with users from all over the world. I’m enjoying it and hope the platform grows!