The tricky business of securing your online identity

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Ever get an e-mail meant for someone else, someone who shares your name? Anyone ever said they found others on Facebook with your name, but couldn’t find you? Or perhaps you’ve been frustrated because some other jerk with your name seems to have beaten you to every social network and Web email account?

So is confused online identity such a problem? Back in April 2009, I decided to investigate by asking some of the other top Jon Gordon’s on the Web – those who spell their first names J-O-N like me.

5 Responses to “The tricky business of securing your online identity”

  1. Ian Finnesey says:

    It’s great being the only person with my name. (At least, I think I am.)

    All those creative spellings are looking pretty smart now, too.

  2. Jon Gordon says:


    Big fan of your show. When I driving home in my car at night listening to your show in the middle of As It Happens on KPCC, I never fail to get a kick out of saying along with you, “this is Future Tense, I’m Jon Gordon”. That’s because I, also, am Jon Gordon. So I was particularly amused with tonight’s show, since you highlighted more of us. My only let down was that I failed to make the cut for your show — especially when I showed up in the first seven results of my Google search for my own name. No worries. I’ll still keep listening to you. Keep up the good work.


    Jon Gordon

    Los Angeles, CA

  3. Jon Gordon says:

    Jon! Which Jon Gordon ARE you?

  4. I am Robert Cannon

    It’s fun to be the #1 of your own name when searching your name. I’m close but….

    This is the number one robert cannon website (warning adult content (not porn, but photography))

    And this was the number one photo for a while

    Who was a part of an apparent XBox Murder Trail

    I believe I now show up as the #1 photo of Robert Cannon